Goodbookreviews Review of What Jesus is doing now

In What Jesus is Doing Now Gary Brady has put together all in one place all of the biblical material regarding Jesus’ ascension and the work He is doing now he has ascended.
After opening with a couple of chapters focused on orienting the reader as to who Jesus is and what He accomplished by his death and resurrection, Brady utilizes the book of Hebrews alongside Reformed and Puritan theologians and hymn-writers in able retelling and explaining what Jesus is doing now he is seated at the right hand of the Father.
This is a thoroughly biblical account, put together ably by Brady, with a helpful closing chapter on why this is important and how it should impact how Christian disciples now live. Brady also includes five helpful appendices that enable the reader to tackle some of the deeper issues but in a brief and helpful manner. The only drawback is that, aside from a brief bibliography, Brady does not provide any indication as to where he has taken his material from – notably, his quotations are not referenced, which can be frustrating. But other than that, this is a readable and enjoyable introduction to the subject of Christ’s ascension: why it matters and What Jesus is Doing Now.
Tim Goodall September 2012

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